I was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and grew up in a rural setting outside of the city.  Landscape was always important to me, growing up on acres of land where I frequently explored our property and regularly walked to my Grandparents’ old farm.  We frequented the Jersey Shore and other beaches along the east coast.  After a trip visiting the Boundary Waters in Minnesota, I became preoccupied with the horizon line as well. Changes in atmosphere and nature, particularly sky and water, are fascinating.


These early influences led me to a current interest in the fusion of landscape painting with abstraction. The Texas landscape has continued to inspire me with the flatness of the land and big sky.  I work spontaneously, with specific memories and references in mind.  I enjoy the physicality of the paint and am interested in the ambiguous spaces I can create through abstraction.


Photographs are often collaged into the work to introduce a varied vocabulary and space.  The photographs act as another layer of mark making and are suggestive of an ambiguous narrative.  This pairing releases representational areas within the work from their descriptive function, creating a dynamic spatial relationship with the whole.